• 7 jun 2019

    Robbert van Kalmthout new drummer Jazz Connection

    Robbert van Kalmthout new drummer Jazz Connection (English below) Daar is hij dan dames en heren. Helemaal uit Achtmaal Noord-Brabant, onze spikplinternieuwe drummer Robbert van Kalmthout. Niet alleen is het een geweldenaar op slagwerk, opgeleid door Hans  More...

  • 18 mei 2019

    Dixieland Festival Dresden Germany

    We are back in Dresden again: from 23 – 26 May we perforned at this wonderful Festival: 23. May Riverboat-Shuffle MS „August der Starke“ 24. May  Jazz statt Jetlag: Dixieland im Terminal 22.00 Jazz Connection 25. May Dresdner Jazzmeile (Open A  More...

  • 18 mei 2019

    Our drummer left Jazz Connection after 15 years!

    Our drummer Ad Hoendervangers said goodbye to Jazz Connection after 15 years of performing, swinging, travelling and having fun around the globe. Thank you Ad for all those fantastic years! Good luck with your Golden Record! 😍😊

  • 10 mrt 2018

    Review Concert Jazz Club Dissen Germany

                                  Jazz Connection performed in Februari again in Jazz Club Dissen Germany. One of the most lovely venues there is in Germany: in a former railway statio  More...

  • 2 jan 2018

    Happy New Year

    Hi there, Happy new year! Jazz Connection had a great 2017 and we are looking forward to rock ‘n roll 2018. This will be our 28th year together. We will be touring in England, Denmark, France, Switzerland and of course the Netherlands. More news to come  More...

  • 17 aug 2017

    Lindy Hoppers Wuppertal Germany

    On 23 September Jazz Connection will perform@ SwingJugend event Lindy Hoppers Delight. Wuppertal Germany. Visit their website for more info!

  • 16 jun 2017

    Riverboat Jazz Festival 2017

    Jazz Connection is back @ Riverboat Jazz Festival Silkeborg Denmark. We are looking forward to jumpnjive again @ this wonderful Jazz Festival. Have a look at our schedule or for details.  More...

  • 2 jan 2017

    New Year Concert 2017

    Oooooh what a night 14 January @ Oncle Jean Breda. 3 lovely bands from Breda: Southern Pearl Jazz Band, How about Rita? and Jazz Connection.

  • 15 mei 2016

    Breda Jazz Festival 2016

    Breda Jazz Festival 2016 was awesome again. For musicians like us it’s a privilege to perform in front of this great audience. It gives us so much energy when people smile and sing together. It never gets boring! We are also a very proud that we have b  More...